Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beautiful Rush

Did a very very short stint of cardio today. There is no time for me to fit in most everything, but I take what I can get.

Woke up early, got dressed, and got going. The roads were amazingly clear, with only a smattering of cars here and there, and the sun was just about up. It was the kind of morning you would envision if the town is attacked by zombies. I love the combination of public holidays and lazy Malaysians. Malaysia rules!!!

The rush of trying out a new route. I was smiling.

Too short, I arrived at boyfriend's house. Wasn't even pounding. wasn't even sweaty. Still it was worth it, that physical body movement. being at one again with the roads. Feeling the sun on my skin.

I get a little too poetic and dramatic sometimes, but really, there is an absolute beauty in speed and adrenaline.

Off to London for 10 days. Damnit. I'll miss my sun and humidity.


  1. Dont miss the sun here. London's cool, 10 days would be just right. If I know you are going London, I would ask if you could bring some Raya kuih to a friend. She's missing home food.

    Enjoy London. If you have time, check out the theaters and art exhibitions.

  2. London! Bring your running shoes along, a quick dash at the park can be mesmerizing, enjoy!

  3. going to london? alamak bestnya....!!!
    12 hours in flight? not Coool....
    Pound sterling and RM? not coool...
    being in nice country and no one to mengumpat to you? priceless..!!