Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fun 5k Run

I was born in the middle of two very girlie sisters.

Maybe not girlie, but definitely not into sports like me.

This trip to visit our youngest sister in London was planned by my eldest sister. Being quite the shopper that she is (with the amount of shoes rivaling Imelda Marcos) 90% of our itinerary consists of shopping and more shopping. I didn't complain one bit, not even when they made multiple stops along one single road and when I had to attend to their questions of whether this looks nicer or whether this fits? Being a girl, I too, did some shopping of my own. I might be a cardio freak, but I do know my brogues from my Brooks (not that I have one, but in the interest of making this sounds better...)

My sisters in their natural state

On the second last day of our trip, I cajoled, coaxed, and last but not least, forced them to enter a running event with me.

It's a small, family-driven, charity-centered run that runs throughout the UK (about 24 races) and all runs are 5km. It's called the Big Fun Run, and the one we went was held in Victoria Park, London. We were all unprepared; little sister does not even have a proper pair of running shoes, eldest sister borrowed my running pants and I ran - for the first and LAST time ever - without a sports bra on. God. Plus, we were late to start, about 5 minutes after the buzzer sounded. When we arrived we saw only the last throng of runners.

I'll let the pictures do the talking:

On the way to the tube. Notice my little sister hiding behind.

The most reluctant participant, if you don't count a blustery 5-yr-old crying, "I want to go home Mommy!!"

My youngest sister running alongside me at the starting. Her only preparation was a steady 30mins of walking everyday to/from work/college.

One of the runners! He ran for Children's Autism Support
Group, I think.

One of the first few runners who already made the turn back.

The cheerful, rambunctious supporters. One of them went, "She's taking our picture! Wave!"

This photographer and I played snap snap with each other.

I ran a good race, eventhough it was a late start. From the first minute I ran faster than my normal pace and told myself to maintain it. The weather was COLD, the wind was STIFF and my fingers felt numb and I didn't think I sweated at all.

I finished the race in 25 mins, my 5k PB hahaha!

My youngest sister arrived not long after I did - such a natural runner, and in Converse and pyjama pants too! Her 5k time is 32 mins.

My oldest sister came not long after... shuffling with a totally red face! She came in at 39mins for her first ever 5k... or any k at all! I love!

The goodie bag! So nice... I love the sports drink and the candies were awesome! hihi.


  1. Wow ... nice dapat run overseas. Dont matter how many k lah. Seems you've made your London trip worthwhile :)

  2. wah! Bestnya, oversea race sumore. Congrats on PB

  3. You're so lucky to have your sisters running with you. Now, if I can only convince mine.

  4. shuk: thanks! oversea run so COLD.
    Yim: yeah who needs the london bridge when you have the big fun run haha
    Kash & Julin: oh yeah! I was so happy especially since both of them did good :) and it was my youngest sister's birthday.

  5. Ijam mesti suka entry ni.
    U know why. Hihihi.

    Well done Nadia!
    I've never done 5km with that timing.
    What's your secret eh?

  6. cunnya dimple tu...ooohh...
    i want to go to london!

  7. nik: it was just too cold! no one knows if the route is really 5km... might have been shorter, who knows kan?

    ijam: london tak best sgt... shopping best la hehe

  8. Jangan cakap Ijam, KA botak pun sama. Heh heh!
    U r a cardio queen. Still managed to run on your holidays. Great!
    Congrats on the timing. And the goodies looked yummy indeed!

  9. next year at least mesti pegi oversea...jom KA, kita pegi...