Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Total Rest

My left ankle is still swollen after 3 days.
My shoulder is happy with her tendonitis.
My knees are not ready to be on their own without medication just yet. Still need some mollycodlling.

 I am left thinking, can't run, can't swim, can't karate, can't inline-skate, can't ride.
 But it's ok. There are worst things in the world. I'm going to take a good rest and read books and cuddle cats and do yoga until I'm bend over backwards like a pretzel.

 Don't worry guys I'm still going to run run run!


  1. Have a good rest and u will be back stronger and better than before :)

  2. Rest and get well. Plenty of time to do all of those stuff.

  3. Attagirl, that's the spirit. Get some good rest now ya

  4. takpe, this week we'll all rest and enjoy the rest togeder-geder :)

  5. have enough rest first and later rock the running scene!