Monday, March 15, 2010

Botched Week

I was all set to have a good running session mixed in with my karate training for this whole week and then my boss dropped the bomb - for me to be at Pasir Gudang until Friday for some pre-commissioning work. Where all my friends cheered and said they couldn't believe their luck (yard visits are a favorite when it comes to my department) I was secretly appalled. My karate classes -8 hours of them over 5 days - all shot to pieces. I was really hoping this week to get more intense after coming back from the comp.

 Thank God - and this is why running rules, (regardless that I seem to enjoy other sports a little bit now) - that you can do your running anywhere. All it takes are a pair of shoes and a sports bra (and tshirts and pants of course but for women you can't run without sports bra hehe) and off you go. This is my favorite part of running - to run in a different place with a completely different scenery. Usually when this happens tracking your mileage will never work unless you have a GPS. What I usually do is to run based on time. Which means I probably have to tote around my cellphone as well and run for maybe half an hour or so. I probably shouldn't go too far lest I forget the direction to go back to my hotel (Grand Dorsett).

 This reminds me of the time when I went to Cambodia and went for morning runs in Siem Reap. It was so cool, and I think chickens there run too cause they were fast and nipping my feet. Oh well, memories.



  1. go running!

    my boss suruh pegi site visit next saturday/sunday - alamak... nak kena cari jalan keluar nih! hahaha

  2. tu la! haih... we forget that we areonly weekend warriors bukan pro athletes. hehehhe

  3. Just dont run in your sleep ok :)

  4. Its funny people usually like to travel for work, for me, the first thing, I'll think about is, alamak kacau training! Then I remembered, hobbies are hobbies and work pays for those hobbies.

    Rumors has it I have to work in Jakarta for 2 weeks, on normal days I would be jumping at the opportunity but actually, dalam hati tak pegi tak apa pun, lagi bagus.

  5. hehheh yeah we tend to get carried away with the training. but the best thing about running is that you can bring it anywhere!

    jakarta is bad for running, unless you're staying at the outskirts of the city. but good for shopping!