Friday, March 19, 2010

Time Flies When You Lose a Day

When I regard my life, it is divided into two: before obsession and after obsession. My running obsession (and all things heart pumping) started in 2009.

Before obsession, a week passes by slowly. Friday seems so far away when you've just woken up to Monday. Wednesday drags on soo slowly you swear the clocks melted. Finally Friday comes and you're like, yabedabeddu nuggets!

After obsession - a week speeds up like it has its pants on fire. For no apparent reason 24 hours in a day is not enough and 8 hours per day is too long to spend by just working. You could only squeeze in about 2-3 hours of training if you minus all the times spent in the traffic, in the train, eating, finding parking, bathing, etc. Work consumes you. If not work, your family consumes you. Life.

The next thing you know, it's Friday, and you have passed a whole week being on your feet but not causing a dent in your mileage book.

It's funny how time flies like a zipping mosquito when you're just too busy with everything else. I rely on the 2 hours given to me every day after work, and if those 2 hours somehow had to be used, my training's gone for the day. I could be obsessive by piling the lost workout to the next day but I do not have the time and also, I do not want to be obsessive. That is not the point. I am not an athlete although I like to use the word 'training' freely just to add some hype to myself (hehehe).

I guess I'm just surprised it's Friday already. I could be content with today being Wednesday just to be able to put in some running time but I try not to sweat on it (pun intended). The good thing is that the weekend's here and I always love weekends because I get to do so much during the morning and still have time for everything else afterwards. Flexibility is always an important aspect in fitness and in mind.

Anyway, I did run on a Tuesday. It was a 40 minutes run around the vicinity of my hotel area. Tesco Pasir Gudang is like a 15minutes walk from there and I decided to run towards Tesco so at least I could stop and shop if I wanted to. It was hot and extremely humid, just my kind of weather. the sun was shining too and I was a bit spurred up because of it. I probably ran for less than 5km but I enjoyed the whole new route. the people were also more outpsoken than what I am used to, which hampered my mood a little bit.

I did nothing much the rest of the week but I did eat a lot of food. Ok, I am heading to my 3 hour karate class! wooooo

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