Monday, November 28, 2011


Thursday: 5.5k run. Felt kinda dragging, was really exhausted the whole day but just wanted to get in some kms.

Friday: SS class. As always, rocked it. Loves it. Managed to nail some intensely advanced poses YAY.

Saturday: 1k swim. Could have - would have - done more but needed to to harris up from work.

Sunday: Missed the ride and slept instead. BAD!

Monday: Missed the run and... cleaned the whole house instead. SCORE!


  1. just found out you have a fitness blog thru somebody else's blogroll....tak bagi tau pun huhuhu... anyway, we should go for a ride when i'm back in m'sia. i'm getting a road bike this week: german-made cube.

  2. hey! never crossed my mind cause it's all about sports and i left the 'competitive' scene a while now.

    hit me up once you've got the bike. we can ride!