Sunday, October 16, 2011

sunday ride

i took back what I wrote earlier. I DO NOT WANT to get better in cycling. Maybe just enough to keep my cardiovascular system happy.

Yesterday we decided to tackle steep hills. And he was forever trying to 'improve' me when all I wanted was to enjoy spinning and spinning and spinning. He asked me if I wanted to suffer or cheat. I chose for the former. This time around because I was away for a week the hills felt steep. I was slower, and I almost bent forward at the waist from the effort. I stopped for a bottle of livita. Then halfway through the loops, Vico. As usual he did not drink anything. I asked him if he was thirsty and he said - "I did not even break a sweat!" !!! I have stopped feeling embarrassed for myself.

I think I have started to transition from someone 'training' for a race to someone 'exercising' for health. No longer was I pushing myself to the limits, no longer was I challenging myself to break my own record. When he pushed me to cycle faster I got angry at him for forcing me out of this comfort zone. Instead of doing speed drills I loped the neighborhood, feeling relaxed and happy. I stopped doing 50m drills now and just enjoy doing endless relaxing laps, losing out to breaststroke swimmers.

I don't know whether I am happy with this. I like the regular routine of exercising but I wonder if I should mix it up with a bit of some race anxiety just to shake up my routine. But I am just too lazy to register nowadays and I hate the thought of waking up just to line up and gather and then run when I can do that by myself.

I did not sign up for PBIM this year. That is a loss to me, but couldn't find the time and friend to accompany me. Wondering what tiny run I should register into...

Saturday: normal 6k. Went running angry and the run did not even help. First time this happened.

Today's planned workout: pool time.


  1. some how i felt the same. didn't sign up on many runs in Klangvalley, felt a little lost when reading all the update of friends on FB.

    but i totally agree with you. much better to open the door, put on the running shoe and run, instead of driving to the site, find parking, wait wait wait, run, chit chat and go home. Since i don't really care much about medal, cert and vest.

    USJ is such a nice place to do slow jog.

  2. how come i also felt the same thing? pirating races. don't want to sign up because don't need commitments. easy on the training & suffer later.

  3. khoo: you echo all my thoughts. glad that im not the only one. USJ is nice when it comes to running - not for cycling though!

    diket: agreed. cuma if i didnt register thee's a big chance i wont even wake up for the race hehe

  4. Diket: pirating!! yes, my theme next year :) i have enough vest and medal at home. The medal make me feel like a fake. since anyone who finish got one anyway :)

    cycling in USJ? suicical? hahahaha. cycling in putrajaya lah.

    yeah, running in USJ/SJ is perfect, so many 7eleven.