Thursday, August 11, 2011

between wheels or legs.

Tonight I have a ride date with the only person I ride with these days. Of course I feel lazy, but I know it will feel so good. At the same time, I am itching to go for a run. sometimes these urges come very randomly; especially during meetings, or hanging out with friends. Sometimes - well, most of the times - it's when I am watching animal planet, and seeing all of them animals run.

so I don't know whether to go for my normal 5k run before iftar, or a good ride workout after iftar. the problem with cycling is, you need good leg muscle and memory to be able to enjoy it... i haven been riding for a while and the route we are taking would be hilly all the time.

ahh well. on the other hand, been reading the book on biomechanics and psychology of superathletes and what makes them good boils down to their hard working self ethics and work principles. the famous tarahumaras for example, always works. something to do. unlike people like us these days, watching the tv, reading a book, eating frozen yogurt, etc. people in those days don't even have flat screen tv NEITHER multiple sclerosis. now MS is one of the most famous symptoms to hit working young adults.

Anyway after reading a chapter on these famous natural athletes I realized I am sort of living with one. harris has amazing work principles - or maybe he's just obsessive compulsive - but whatever it is he maintains his endurance, strength and flexibility by doing house work and a lot of it. in face when he was in an intensive football camp the footballers were asked to do all the maintenance, cleaning and everything themselves. these sort of housework strengthens their bodies as well as self discipline. I would be watching the television and he'd be cutting the trees, re-arranging the pots and plants, cleaning the car, etc etc. And I can't help because I mess with his system. Well, that's his compulsiveness in view. Anyway, the result is that he kicks ass in everything he does, and even without training. He's still able to outsprint a younger footballer and sometimes when I take him out for a really taxing spin he went up effortlessly... and I thought I was a good climber! In yoga - or b-boy power move, in his own 'macho' terms - his favorite show off pose is the headstand. You've got to have really strong core to be able to balance your body like that. urgh.

anyway... running? cycling? oh well!

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