Monday, July 25, 2011

grueling week

hari ni demam.

the last week, i 'trained' everyday. my thighs are feeling the burn even now thanks to saturday final karate class before ramadhan. thank God I woke up and dragged myself to it. best gila, and this time around I was the first to complete the loop yeah! maybe sebab panjat bukit menggila just that friday.

ramdhan is coming and cant wait to start my workout. run + kayuh bodoh keliling kampung. forget about swimming kang terkentut buang masa je. and i plan to do my workout in the morning since I have to sacrifice (hehe sacrifice kunun) my evening time to cook dinner... when you are not single anymore. dulu kakak masakkan.

im in the best possible mental and physical shape right now. i have enough sleep, i eat well, my workout is light, steady and challenging enough to keep my body moving. i dont have to sacrifice family time and i am physically satisfied. i do though want to sign up for a few run this end of the year but i am not sure whether i should... i am feeling ok just running without a target. oh well, we'll just wait and see.

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