Friday, January 28, 2011


My new favorite term: Koyak.

Technically it means tear or it can also be a verb - to tear. But in the context of sports and exercise, Koyak means to suffer. or burn out, or to struggle.

Picked this up from the people I generally do cardio with. Especially during the long slow ones, with the sun burning on your back, surely one or two will utter these words - "Damn koyak weh!"

It's my favorite term because it means I am working hard and pushing myself. To get better.

Today was my first comeback to strength training and stretching class after a looong sabbatical. Of course I explained a great detail about my knee injury, my shoulder, and what-nots. I am glad I have an instructor who remembers my injuries.

First she made me do a quadriceps stretch that also massage the knees. It took all my effort to not scream out or move because the tension in my knees were building up. But it was not painful; it was merely easing through the knots of my tendons.

Then we started with ab works. I am glad to say that although I struggle through the sets, at least it wasn't that hard.

The hardest was the arm strengthener. We did a series of Cobra poses that just did my triceps in. When we got to the lunges, my head felt lightheaded. We did the whole thing with no ceiling fan or aircond on.

Can't wait for a totally punishing but no doubt satisfying cardio tomorrow. I am looking forward to Koyak!

Have a great weekend everyone. And Happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese friends!


  1. If not for the knees and what-nots, I think you can be one damn powerbabe.

  2. i agree with kash :) i went for trial aerobics after more than a month without it and been walking like cowboy for the past two days, lagi teruk dari lari marathon haha .. stretches and lunges workout memang "koyak" haha

  3. kak june: hehehhehe the lunges will definitely make you walk funny!! best ok!

    kash: there is a reason for everything... ntah2 if I 'powerbabe' takbur gila babi knowing me! hehehhe

  4. heheh no lah, u memang powerbabe <3 and i am still walking funny, cos we went for deep squats and lots of lunges haha, but yeah pain means its working kan? hate goin down the stairs LOL