Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Joys Of

The joy of having your own personal space:

1) Your own rules. And no one else's.
2) Privacy. To do whatever you want - read in the bathtub (as I sometimes do), brush your teeth in front of the tv (yes... im a mutant).
3) Dancing with absolutely no reservation.
4) Wanting to paint the walls flashing red? No problemo.

Fitness Updates:
I've established more of less a stable, regular routine. It consists of cardio and a bit of stretching and strength. My aerobic capacity is definitely not like it was, but I have little doubt that should I return back to my favorite sports I would not have that hard of a problem staying on.

On days when it is raining, and the gym is closed I run up the stairs of my condo up till the top floor (19th floor) and take the elevator down to ground again. The first time I did it, the guards stopped me, suspicious. But then they note that I was a heavy gym goer and use the pool often and always wheel my bike out past them or jog into/and out past the guard house. They let me go.

Health updates:

Sleep times are stable. I have been getting 6 hours of sleep now. I take power naps of 10 minutes tops... never more. I try to eat healthily (TRY, TRY) but only this morning I walloped two polystyrene sized nasi lemak ayam goreng (breakfast, then lunch) and then half a slice of blueberry cheese cake... and then like about 5 Reese's Pieces. GASP! I blame the whole day meeting with the Engineering team.

Ok, gotta go and do work.


  1. alamak, dont mention nasi lemak. I havent set eyes on one for two whole weeks.

    your kitchen still looks like a showroom…hehe.

    Can I give you a plant from my house for your house warming?

  2. it is an ikea showroom! i probably bought half he things from there for my space. the other half, is secondhand or my dad made them! hahahaha

    oh plants would be nice - i currently have 5, but i always need more!

  3. nice kitchen.. i like flashing red.. trying to do so to our house. hehe..

  4. cute kitchen .. and i like the painting/picture too !! i had my first nasi lemak since arriving in jb today , still like the one in port klang LOL .. have a good weekend girl :)