Saturday, January 9, 2010


Woke up early for pilates. The class was full when it started, I guess the instructor must be good. And it was indeed a punishing workout. He worked us on our arms and I felt like both of them were scorched, and was wondering when the hell would he work us on our abs since I came to this class mostly for core exercises. 

 Then he said, "that's the warmup, now to the abs!" 
And then I died.

 I have the weakest core and arms ever. This is the downside of being thin, it looks good with many clothes sure, but you don't function well in sports... and I love sports! urgh. I vowed myself to come to every pilates class he teaches. What a great torturous abs and arms workout. 

 Going to stuff myself with good food as possible and maybe do a short bike ride this pm.


  1. baru boleh bukak..before this all I got was 'this blog is for invited readers only'
    I thought you were on sabbatical. hehe

  2. Ian: if by FF you mean five fingers then yes, a long time loverr. anyway, kash told me you're a good swimmer, maybe one day you can give me some swimming tips :D

    julin julai: tu la accidentally fiddled with the settings. hehehe