Sunday, January 3, 2010

2 deadly sins

Ever since coming back to my parent's house just 45 minutes from the city last Thursday, I've been doing nothing but committing to gluttony and sloth. I've never felt so guilty and to be honest can't wait to get back on track and face the daily monotony of work and routine. But at the same time this self-indulgence of food and sleep and inactivity and nothing else doesn't really happen often, so I'm trying to force myself to enjoy it as much as I could because come Monday, I'd be back to square one again. 

 Only I've been a glutton and a sloth since Thursday, and I am starting to feel restless. The only form of 'exercise' I did was accompanying my parents on their daily morning walk for like maybe half an hour before treating ourselves to a hearty breakfast of nasi lemak and roti canai! Granted the walk is about 4-5km daily (its about 2.5-3km to the town and back again) but still. The rest of the days I'm either lounging on a bed reading, eating, sleeping and then talking to my parents while they potter in the garden. 

 And the food... let's not talk about it. I think I've had stuffed turkey, mashed potato, dendeng, kari ayam, ayam rendang, and today me and my sister baked a cheesecake and chocolate brownies. Can you say gluttony? To relieve my guilt I keep looking at my training calendar that will start this Tuesday and will continue on through the 3 weekends since I've 'punched card' with my folks this week. 

 Ignore this totally pointless post. Bet nobody noticed the 2 4-5kms I did amidst all the heavenly food and desserts hahahahhahaha!

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