Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bike Ride

I still have the leftover of the fever today, so the mood to enjoy my bike ride is a little bit foiled. 

 To be honest, I'm having a hard time finding a decent route for my bicycle. By decent I mean something that is more than 4km, and isn't going downhill all the time that I always ended up braking my heart's content. Everytime I take my bike out for a ride I am intimidated by the passing cars and sometimes speedy motorcyclists. When I am lucky enough to find a flat stretch of road I keep on having to stop since there are many T junctions along the way. A friend of mine who cycles once mentioned that the subang jaya neighborhood is the worst place for a cyclist to train and well, I didn't put much heed or thought into his statement then. Now I know. 

 But I hate to complain so much and decided to make do. Well, if the biggest, most decent route around ss19 is only about 4km or so, be it. I'll probably just do about 8 loops of it. Even if I ended up braking half the time, or cruising. Only today is marred by a slight drizzle and my headache. Normally I would be reluctant to end a workout without feeling sweaty or exhausted, but today I was too discouraged by the route and also tired from the fever.

 That's about it. Hope everybody is feeling good about their workout.


  1. I am from Subang Jaya as well, USJ to be precise. Maybe you can try Kesas highway.

    If you do from Subang Jaya (kewajipan) to Sri Petaling and back, that will get about 25km. i think.

    Riding on the bike lane, pretty safe. But do ride with a group.

  2. Dont be disheartened, some good news coming your way. Go read my blog. :)

  3. Safety first ok!
    In JB we are fortunate to have this one big housing area with one big loop road of 6km, with 3km flat and 3km uphill. It's very well lit too, good for night time riding.
    Putting a red light blinkers at the back of ur bike is very highly recommended for night ride.
    Anjing liar pun banyak daaa.... wooff woofff...