Sunday, December 6, 2009

Running with Injury: Post Standard Chartered

 I completed my second half-marathon for this year at the much talked about Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. I am back now at home, nursing my massive swollen knees and foot. One look at them and my doctor went, "WHAT DID YOU DO?" I think I might not be running for the Malakoff. I know I'm swearing off (or have to) running next year for about at least 2 months. I can't stand running any more races feeling like hell throughout. For this race, I suffered body cramps - at my stomach, upper back - from bracing the severe pain of my knees. At 7km mark, I told myself, "Maybe I should stop this." And then I saw a message on the back of one runners: Quitters never run, Runners never quit. Oh WELL!

 I finally finished the whole 21km of running on hot coals and hot rods at the horrible but gratifying time of 2:58. I do not care what anyone thinks of this time. I completed my second 21km without so much of a training, with runners knees and plantar fasciitis, and after 5 months of jumping into this running scene. To think my first race was McDonalds run, and back then 7km felt like going to Johore. I was so proud of myself. Still am.

 I want to thank my boyfriend for being a great total support and a great fan, waiting at the sidelines (patiently) until I appeared. Here's to many more years.

 How about you guys?

 Detailed stories and pictures later. 


  1. don't stop, next time, better prepared for upcoming races, from my not so called experiences, u must be well hydrated to avoid injuries, well as for me i carried a water bottle and equipped myself with ORS salts and Powergel, i'm not top athletes with good fitness level

    i just wanna to enjoy my run, therefore these helps me to keep on running injuries free, although it is an extra weight, but the benefit enjoying more races to come, sure will beat the hassled...

    dont stop never give up

  2. Congrats on the run. Yeah, who cares about the timing especially when you're injured. At least habis within time limits kan?
    Go easy on yourself, Nadia. Taking a break is an excellent decision. Let those knees rest, do some physiotherapy, then make the greatest comeback of your life.

  3. shaq: hehe I had the osr with me as well, which is why im thinking the cramps must come from me clenching against the pain in my knees... i should have never attempted to run this.

    I'm not giving up! just going for a (forced) hiatus hehe

    julin: thanks julin. Did you go for the run? I think my biggest mistake was being stubborn eventhough I know I shouldn't do any more running.

    you'll have a great time at the 30k next year. I'm rooting for you yeaah!

  4. Sorry to hear about your injury. Have a speedy recovery.
    Anyway, congrats and well done!
    Yeah, runners should never quit.
    21km is not a play-play distance for an amateur runners like us. Well done again.
    For next races, come prepared with enough training. It'll be much better.

  5. Take this time off to really heal. Anyway, congrats on finishing. I am sure you'll do this distance at better timing next time.

  6. Bad timing is a good motivation to continue running and training harder (not that I ever cared how badly I did, hehe). But 21k is not ekceli a walk in the park, esp we're just everyday people, and to be able to complete it is already a big feat. So pat yourself on the back, have a good rest, listen to your body and come back stronger.

  7. Hi Nadia - 5 days after, hope you are recovering ok. do you have any luck with Sundown?

  8. amsyah -yes! I am registred... but only 21k as I'mplanning to do the 42k for kl marathon hehe.