Wednesday, December 2, 2009


To tell you the truth, I am looking forward to Pacesetters 30k next year. Nevermind that I have nonexistent mileage sheet and that I probably haven't had a proper run since ages, if you count out the races.

 But I WANTED to. I think 30k is such an appealing distance. Daunting, and intimidating, sure, but at the same time appealing. 

 And then it just came crashing to me today: I won't be around January 17th. I would be in Los Angeles, freeloading my sister's overseas trip.

 Never had I felt soo... frustrated despite the fact that the alternative plan on that date is not exactly a bad thing, in fact, a great thing to many. My sister is going to L.A on a job thingy and she asked me along to which I said yes (of course) even if I have to cough up the flight ticket.

 I was in the midst of doing my Asar prayer today when it suddenly came to me - eh, yang 30k tu bukan 17 january ker? (nampak sgt tak khusyuk kan, ish ish ish). The trip is from 13-17 January 2010.


All the way back from work I went between consoling myself to berating myself. I mean, going to L.A is once in a lifetime thing, I would probably never have the incentive to save money to go to L.A, whereas Pacesetters 30k is an annual event (let's hope so it remains that way). But I have been to L.A before, when I was 16, and it's not like I have enough money to have a shopping spree there pon! I mean, coughing up the running fee is a cheaper option.

 But then maybe it's a sign that I should take some time off running with my bad knees and all. I barely have enough rest after Nepal with Mizuno and Great Eastern 10k and PBIM and the upcoming SM and then Malakoff. I should be sated with all the running on my plate. My knees never had the chance to recover properly. They still hurt a teeny bit when I do my prayer or when I go down a long staircase.

 Yeah, maybe I should take a month off from all the running. Start again in February.


 eeee, frustnyer!!!!

 30k, in Putrajaya. 


  1. No worries Nadia.
    Bring along your running shoes to LA, and you can run there, take some cool pic of winter in LA and share your experience on the blog.

    Many other races in 2010, 2011, etc waiting for you.

    Good luck n all the best for Singapore marathon!

  2. Yeslah, there'll be other great races in 2010. Just enjoy your trip.

  3. The 30k will return next year and many more in 2010 (and beyond). Reward yourself dulu hahah, and enjoy! See you in Singapore.

    Err, 30k at Beverly Hills? Lots of double hills there, no?

  4. yeah i figured just as much. There'll always be the 30k... haih. hehe

  5. Whaatttt?
    If it were conflict there. LA definitely!
    Other 30Ks will come, dear.
    Have fun in Singapore!