Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Giving Back while Getting Sweaty: The Pet Project Malaysia 2012

Here's an interesting event I believe all of us weekend warriors would benefit in this Saturday: The Pet Project Malaysia 2012.

"The Pet Project Malaysia is a 12-hour “Get Active” marathon comprised of dance, fitness and sports-based classes taught by internationally renowned presenters along with performances from Malaysia’s most promising young talents.

Aside from the MAIN EVENT (our master classes and performances), participants can also visit our sports carnival, playground, silent auction, rock climbing wall, rugby drills, a 2-hour workshop by Jojo Struys, self defense classes, animal welfare talks, football nutrition talks, face painting, Asia's largest football card montage, food & beverage stalls, sponsors & partners booths, merchandise booths and of course our NGO booths."

I find this event to be highly refreshing. Charity events usually don't get the highlight they need because the public tend to find them boring and only cater for specific interest groups, but this effort by the Petfinder and the animal welfare groups should be applauded. To combine the concept of getting active while giving back to animals - these two things really really appeal to me. I only found out about this yesterday and was surprised that I didn't know about this before!

I think this would be a fun event to go with your kids or if you're an animal lover and really really are concerned with the plight of these animals or just needed a cheap way to learn something new (one class or pass to a class is only RM 25). Believe me, no one paid me to advertise, I just feel strongly for a good event like these.

Some of the NGOs are PAWS, SPCA, S.C.R.A.T.C.H, etc. These are good people who really really gave their time to save these animals. Of course, I have a personal affection for PAWS. I volunteered there a couple of times during uni. It broke my heart seeing those cats, but I was glad I did it.

So, come on, let's go!

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