Sunday, January 8, 2012

2 New Hills

Yesterday we went for a simple ride.

The same route, same hills, only he added 2 new ones. Cycling with my coach/riding buddy is a love and hate thing. I loooove it when it is over or if I was faster and stronger that day, but I hate it because he always make me feel like I wasn't good enough. While climbing a particularly steep hill, I was struggling and he pointed out that we were only going at 7km/h! And to make matters worse, he did not bring any water with him whereas I had to stop and drink a Livita.

We also got chased by dogs. That was a funny moment. I thought I was going to be dead because damn it, my legs did not need the extra speedwork! But luckily the dogs stopped chase after a while.

I came back and did 2 hours of SS workout. And now my arms are supersore. But my legs felt really good during the 2 hour session. I think I need the running and cycling to prepare me for these sessions. I always thought I can do without.

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