Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Being Healthy: A Promise

This is the part where I hate the most: when you're too engrossed in your work that everything else goes out of the window, with everything else being your healthy habits, be it body or food.

I get too tired to workout after work. But being me, there's just so much of complaining that I could handle before I take matters into my own hand.

So my work tires me out. BIG DEAL. I'm not the only one dealing with a taxing 8-5 job. I'm not the only one stuck in traffic feeling like a droopy flower in the car. Life is a choice and I can complain about how I do not have the time or how wiped out I am or I can just suck up, get myself some exercise for the benefit of my health.

"It's not the number of times you fall that matters but the number of times you
get up."--Confucius

This requires some re-arranging. I get tired after work... maybe PM exercising isn't working out for me. I remember back then when I look forward to AM cardio. I love it like no other but when I started working all that changed. But maybe, maybe I could squeeze in some earlier cardio... if I'm really so inclined.

The problem with that is: running is the only thing that works. No karate gym opens at 6 am, and I'm not bloody well going to swim in the chilly pool or skate/bike in that ungodly hour alone!

And did I forget... I can't run?

I could join classes again, make it fun, just a social thing after work, not really a workout. But I am BROKE like a broken tape player. I can't afford to spend money more than I can't afford to spend my time.

This looks bleak.

The ONLY choice is - SUCK IT UP. I guess that's what I have to settle with right now. I can't listen to myself complaining about how I miss my workouts anymore without driving me crazy. You miss your workouts? Then what are you doing laying down on the sofa with a book on your snoring face?! At 9pm!

I realize I'm talking to myself here.

So I'm putting this down right here:

  • I promise I will try to stick to weekend workouts. I can bail on weekday workouts if I absolutely have to, but weekend workouts are a must. I need this because your body is a temple and you have to take good care of it.
  • Take one workout at a time. No pressure, just go ahead and dive (or roll or punch, depending on what you have) right into it.
  • EATING RIGHT STARTS HERE. EATING RIGHT STARTS TODAY. No more salty, extra processed food and too many sugar intake cause Nadia are you ignorant - you're one step behind being a diabetic. Let me bold that for you.
Forgive everyone while you could. Be grateful for the smallest, least wonderful thing in your life everyday.


Call your parents. Smile at strangers. Not old, aging men with too much money to spent. And no, you can't tell them apart sometimes.

Today, I will try to workout. But if I fail (because you're yet again too mentally exhausted), there's always the weekends.


  1. Can i just copy and paste this entry onto my blog?
    This is almost like what i have on my mind nowadays, except i don't lay down and read a book at 9pm la. I layan Astro je sampai terlelap... lagi teruk.

  2. good to know that im not the only one like this. i miss the structure of my life that only 'training' could give.

    i guess the next best thing is to just DO IT

  3. We all go through the same grind on a daily basis. Suck it up, suck it all in. I guess something's gotta give, like those mamak sessions and alcohol.

    I've signed up for SD Ultra and I still can't juggle work/emotion/training at times. Arghhh...

  4. you are lucky to work 8-5. I dont get that luxury, babe. I never leave the office at 5.30, but on the other hand, I dont come in at 9am either…haha.

    I think you are doing OK. Same as everyone else, we need to watch what we eat.

    How about we plan that doing our own triathlon thing we talked about. Swim-bike-run. How does new year's day sound to you?