Thursday, November 18, 2010

Penang: makan and lari!

I have not been sedentary. Only in this blog. Truth to be told I have been happy. And busy. Happily busy, or busily happy, however you want to see it.

Week days were spent with me doing karate, yoga, pilates, in-line skating, going to dance classes, kickboxing. Weekends, I usually play in the pool with my cousins. No distance measured, only pure exertion as we played 'water polo' and 'Tok Harimau'.

I will arrive home from work exactly at 535pm. From there, I would either grab my skates or my hand wraps and proceed. It is refreshing to be doing stuff that doesn't really feel like a workout. To not really care about time or anything at all. On good days I would be skating endlessly for three hours, coming back after it has turned dark. Would not realize how taxing it was until I woke up with sore thighs and abs the next day. Or I would be hitting the kickboxing gym for drills. It is more social than anything. If there was any good looking guys I found myself working extra hard.

I have DNSed 3 events. I never do this, three events back. And I realized that I seemed to have lost the will to be in a race. For the moment, I much rather wake up at 530am doing the things I love doing without parting money or putting on a bib.

But, come this Sunday I would be in Penang for the Penang Bridge Marathon baby! Doing a 21k, which I planned to hit it as eassssyyyyy as I could. I target to finish it arouns 3 or 3 hrs 20 minutes. The faster, the better, but not pushing. To tell you the truth, the last time I ran, it was on September 25th, for the 5k Big Fun Run.

I hope to meet the rest of you people that I have been missing. Who's going? (or to be more frank, still reading this blog?)


  1. Yay, hope to catch you again in PBIM nanti Nad!

  2. hey girl, see u in penang.. just have fun and run safe :)

  3. oh yes, still reading this blog.

    Hey, i need to contact a Karate teacher in subang/usj area. can help? want to see if my daughter (6yo) interested or not.

  4. all the best Nadia, so after this see you also in Singapore?

  5. eh, i thought you going for full and we 'cangkuk' yim together?...aisey...

  6. All the best in Penang! I thought u have retired. Haha. I still read your blog, albeit with less frequency. Letak la gambar2 aweks for me and Ijam.

  7. There are at least 25 readers who subscribe to your blog. So, don't worry. Your readers are still around, for as long as you are around updating your blog frequently.
    (don't be like me....mim alif lam alif sin)

    Enjoy PBIM!

  8. khoo: the karate klass used to be in glenmarie but now in brickfields. i can ask her is she knows any other sensei that is around the area.

    to the rest: YEAY let's meet up!