Thursday, November 5, 2009


I'm freaking out.

 My first half marathon is in 2 weeks or so, and I have yet to cover any respectable mileage. AT ALL. I've only done 2 10 k races. 

 I'm going for a long walk today to get my legs used to the exercise again. And lots of swimming. and lots of kickboxing. maybe just boxing.


  1. In the situation of undertraining, don't force urself during race day. Train as much as you can during this whatever time left, and come race day.. just do the run-walk-run strategy to bring you cross the 21km distance marker, i.e. finishing line.

    All the best Nadia!

    P/s: Run-walk-run strategy is not the same as run(10km)-walk(3km)-walk(3km)-walk(3km)-DahTakLaratNakWalk(2km) strategy ok. hehehe. U have to start the run-walk-run even in the first 5 or 10km itself, and repeat that routine until u get to the finish line.

    Only my two cents, and i hope u can have an enjoyable and memorable first half marathon.

  2. julin and enaikay: thanks! I originally plan to run as long as I could and THEN walk, but im going to heed to your advice and start the walk run routine from the start.

    Are you guys going to the at the race too?

  3. agree with nik - don't wait to walk until you are forced to because that'll be too late.

    anyway, enjoy Penang, take extra care going up the bridge, that is one long boring incline... and bring lots of water too.

    Good to have you writing back!