Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Did It!

And it was for me a great first time!

 I didn't know what to think, or what to anticipate. I haven't been running for 4 weeks if you count out the two races. I was not even in any runner's mode - physically and mentally. So to not freak me out I just pushed the race out of my mind. I went to sleep at 8. And woke up at 2am.

 I thought many things: I would faint, or collapse from exhaustion. I would suffer from the run so badly that every step is my mind screaming to stop and give up. I thought I would be running solo. I thought I would be running a horrible horrible race.

 But 21km didn't feel like 21km at all. In fact I was so surprised when we reached the 15km mark. I was enjoying the race with the runners all around me, some limping some eating and drinking and what have yous. My only regret (or complaint) would be that I have to slow down to a walk due to the relentless, unbearable pain in both the arches of my feet. It was so horrible that I walked quite a number of times... 5 or so. It's a bit disheartening actually; I've always wanted to finish a race running. I only allowed myself to walk when we were going downhill as I did not want to jeopardize my knees. But the arch pain persisted. I just didn't want myself to get used to walk in a race. And furthermore I read somebody's race reports that he too, had the arch pain but he pushed on and on until the end. It made me feel like a failure, somewhat.

 My time according to my RM10 wristwatch is 2 hours and 50 minutes. Which makes the pace to be 8:05 per km hahahhaha. But hey, with recovering knees, my maiden half-marathon run, and ZERO training (the LSDs being the 2 10ks), I consider this to be a great achievement. Kita tunngu bila lutut hilang sakit! hahahah

 Syukur Alhamdulillah!


  1. Congrats!Didn't catch you there but my hub thinks he saw you.
    He was wobbling too with a busted knee.

  2. i was looking around too but to be honest not really sure how you looked like! I wished I could have gone faster :(

  3. Well done and wayyyyy to go. Speed is relative, what's slow to you may be someone else's dream come true. Let's just celebrate that we outdid ourselves by turning up at the start line. 21k is no child's play.

    Have a good rest and come back for more.

    Next, I'd recommend the GE30k. :)

  4. RM10 wristwatch, hahaha, you sound just like me.

    But go reward yourself lah, buy Timex. YES YES YES, malaysia on sale, kan?

  5. Congrats n well done on your achievement.
    May your knees heal soon, and may you get back to running more and more.

  6. thanks everybody!

    HazA: yes I'm looking forward to the ge30k!