Friday, February 3, 2012


Aside from the one week off from workout due to neck/shoulder pulls, here's the menu:

Monday: 5.5k
Tuesday: SS
Thursday: 5.5k, SS
Friday: SS
Saturday: Swim 1.5k
Sunday: Bike, SS

Things have been great. That one week off really put me in a blue mood. But I guess I needed the time off to reflect and rest. I was showing off - too much - in fact in my SS class.

This morning went for a super slow 5.5k run. Time taken: 42 minutes. Actually it is not slow at all in my book. But my definition of super slow comes from the perceived effort. I wasn't struggling, my breath was not labored at all. My legs were ok, I was enjoying the pavements and saying hi to the dogs and their owners. I wish I could take one of the dogs out for a run.

I wish my cats could run with me.

My upper body felt sore from the heavy and challenging workout yesterday. 90 minutes of body weight conditioning. SS, how much do I love thee? So my legs get the workout today.

Last week visited a Chinese Tit Tar. Never heard of it? Neither had I, until last week. Tit Tar apparently means Bone Setters. That guy, Erik did really cool stuff on my neck and shoulder, basically, he put on some 'exorcist' moves on me. I've never heard my bones crack so much, or in another way, how out of position my spine is. It was cool. And I felt so much better.

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